HP LaserJet P4510 Printer series - AutoSend

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Use the AutoSend screen to send product-configuration and supplies-usage information periodically to
e-mail destinations of your choice, such as service providers. This feature establishes a relationship
with Hewlett-Packard Company or another service provider to provide you with services that include,
but are not limited to, print-cartridge replacement, pay-per-page contracts, support agreements, and
usage tracking. A user can add up to twenty AutoSend destinations. The following illustration, table, and
procedure describe how to use this screen.

Figure 3-7

AutoSend screen

Table 3-5



Area on the screen

Information or capability that the area provides


HP EWS tabs and menus For more information, see

Navigating through the HP Embedded Web Server

on page 6



Enable AutoSend

Select this check box to turn on the AutoSend feature.


Send every [interval]

Select the interval at which you want the product to send the product configuration
and supplies usage information to the destinations that are configured in the
E-Mail destinations field.




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Area on the screen

Information or capability that the area provides


E-Mail destinations

A list of e-mail addresses (up to 20 destinations) is available if a permanent device
storage is installed. (One e-mail address is saved if a permanent device storage
is not installed.)



Click this button to save your settings and to send the information immediately,
so that you can make sure that the recipient receives the messages.


Send to HP

Select this check box to send device configuration and supplies status information
to HP on a regular basis. The information will be sent to an HP e-mail address
(for example, myproduct@hp.com) in a text-based file with an .XML file extension.
This file will be created in English.

To view more information about how HP treats the information that is sent by
AutoSend, click Hewlett-Packard Online Privacy Statement.