HP LaserJet P4510 Printer series - Supplies Status Page

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Supplies Status Page

The Supplies Status screen shows more detailed supplies information and provides part numbers for
genuine HP supplies. (It is helpful to have the part numbers available when ordering supplies.) The
following illustration and table describe how to use this screen.

Figure 2-3

Supplies Status Page screen

Table 2-3

Supplies Status Page


Area on the screen

Information or capability that the area provides


HP EWS tabs and menus

For more information, see

Navigating through the HP Embedded Web

Server on page 6



Shop for Supplies link

Use this feature to connect to a Web page that facilitates online ordering of
supplies from a reseller of your choice.


Print Cartridge Information

If available, this lists the percent of life remaining and the estimated number
of pages remaining before the supply is empty; the total number of pages
that have been processed with the supply; the supply serial number and
HP part number; and an indication of whether or not the supply has reached
the low status.

If the Override at Out option has been enabled at the product control panel,
a message appears, when the supply is exhausted, stating that the
cartridge was used with the override setting.


If a non-HP supply is used, information about the device might not

be available. In addition, a warning message about the risks associated
with using non-HP supplies could appear on the screen. No further
information about the status of the supply will be available.


Supplies Status Page