HP LaserJet P4510 Printer series - Usage Page

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Usage Page

The Usage Page screen gives a page count for each size of media that has passed through the product,
as well as the number of duplexed pages. The total is calculated by multiplying the sum of the print count
values by the Units value.


Usage Page


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The information on this screen can be used to determine how much toner or paper to keep on hand.
The following illustration and table describe how to use this screen.

Figure 2-5

Usage Page screen


Chapter 2 Viewing product status from the HP EWS Information screens


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Table 2-5

Usage Page


Area on the screen

Information or capability that the area provides


HP EWS tabs and menus

For more information, see

Navigating through the HP Embedded Web

Server on page 6



Usage Totals (equivalent)

Indicates the types of pages that have been printed, the number of single-
sided pages that have been printed, the number of duplexed pages that
have been printed, and the total number of pages that have been printed.



A unit is equal to a standard A4-size (letter-size) page. All other page sizes
are referenced in relation to this standard size. An A4-size (letter-size) page
printed on both sides counts as 2 units.


Duplex 1 Image

“Duplex 1 image” refers to pages that are printed as part of a duplexed print
job, but which are blank on the second side.


Fuser Modes & Paper Path Usage

Indicates the different print modes that have been used for monochrome
(black-and-white) print jobs.


Historical Printer Coverage

Indicates the average amount of toner that is used on each printed page.


Usage Page